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Games are one of our favorite ways of spending our leisure time and nobody can deny and games are the ones that make us pass the day without any sort of stress and boring attitude. Mostly these days everything that enters into the market turns out to be a sensational superstar! One such game that we are going to talk about is the 8 pool ball game which is a gaming sensation and a replica of the traditional pool (Cue sport) game or popularly known as the pool billiards game. It is one of the most played game across the world, with wide variety of modules and modulations within the game. There are many things that the user have to consider while playing the sport, his/ her precision, accuracy, estimating ability, imagination, with what force the ball has to be hit, to what angle the ball has to hit, where the cue should be struck, what type of sue the user use, the material of the cue, the surface of the pool table, the smoothing cube, which balls you have to strike whether solids or stripes depends on the 1st player who hits the set.

What is an “8 pool ball game?”

A pool ball game consists of six pockets to which the balls will be hit, the person who completes his/ her set of balls say stripes or solids are the winners, the rule to be the winner is after striking all the ball the player has to compulsorily hit the 8-black ball which is the must rule for winning the game. In some places the solids and stripes are called as spots and stripes, big’s and small’s halves and wholes, high’s and low’s, etc. predominantly in UK. The game is all about completing to hit the set of balls straight to the pockets and finishing it off with the 8 black ball is the winner. There are 15 balls in total, 7 stripes, 7 solids and one 8 black ball. There are hundreds of versions of the pool game played across the world out of which the famous are the 8 pool ball game and the 9 pool ball game. If you feel that the game is hard to play then you can use the beginners guide for the game which makes your work easy and simple, making your gaming experience a whole new different idea and entertainment and you can use the hack tool online and access anywhere from the world all you need is an internet connection.

How do I download the game?

The game is available in both android and IOS versions just type the name “8 pool ball game” in the play store or the appstore and you will see this game in the results. The game has been designed by the famous miniclip games, headquartered in the Switzerland. The success of the game is immense and the company is valued over 900 million euros. Miniclip ever since its launch has struck with many games across the globe.

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